Welcome to the World of Salvador Dali!

Welcome to the World of Salvador Dali!

пятница, 17 апреля 2009 г.

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Biographies and news

Dalí's surreal wind-powered organ lacks only a rhinoceros
Salvador Dalí: a Genius?—Article from Bohème Magazine
UbuWeb: Salvador Dalí—Interview and bank advertisement.
Biography and paintings of Salvador Dalí
Salvador Dalí in the INA Archives — A collection of interviews and footage of Dalí in the French television
Dali’s life and work
on-line museum
http://dali.urbannet.ru/ - Dali's site

Other links

Article on Dalí's religious faith
The Salvador Dalí photo library 60.000 photos
Watch Un Chien Andalou at LikeTelevision
Gala-Salvador Dalí Foundation English language site
St. Petersburg Dalí Museum
"The shameful life of Salvador Dalí" (the witches of Llers)".
Dalí and Fages: "that intelligent and most cordial of collaborations"
Dalí's only literary work, "Hidden Faces"


Espace Dalí—The unique permanent exhibition in France (Museum & Dalí Fine Art Galleries)
Dalí & Film - Tate Modern, London
Museum-Gallery Xpo: Salvador Dalí, Marquis de Púbol in Bruges
Museum of Modern Art

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