Welcome to the World of Salvador Dali!

Welcome to the World of Salvador Dali!

пятница, 17 апреля 2009 г.

Dali Universal Tarot. Salvador Dali, artwork 1984

This 78-card Tarot deck is by the surrealist painter Salvador Dali. His renowned flamboyance can be seen in the way he has added his abstract signature onto the cards, incorporating them into each design. The deck was published by Distribucions d’Art Surrealista and Comos Naipes of Spain in 1984, the year of Dali’s eightieth birthday.

Given Dali’s own talents, it is surprising that this deck consists of collage compositions which incorporate the works of other artists. Dali adds his own touch to each design by using washes of color and semi-abstract shapes. In some cases, these forms seem strangely inconsistent with the rest of the artwork; in other cases, his additions create something new and homogenous. For example, Dali adds a very simplistic figure next to a detailed painting in The Fool. His version of The Heirophant, however, is much more attractive even though he adds only a simple green background and painted halos.

The Dali Universal Tarot is a comparatively expensive deck, although its packaging was given special attention by the publishers: the cards themselves are edged in gold foil and the sturdy box which hold the cards is encased in a burgundy velvet slipcase. The deck can currently be purchased from several online bookstores.

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